Toudarte Project

Women Agricultural Cooperative Toudarte which means ‘life’ in Berber, was founded in 2004. It specializes in the production of high quality argan oil for cosmetic and culinary use. It is located in the center of the argan forest in the region Imsouane at 85 km of Agadir and 85 km from Essaouira. The overall objective of the cooperative focuses on improving the socio-economic situation of rural women in the commune Imsouane and its involvement in sustainable development.

The cooperative Toudarte today hosts one hundred women who find a source of income beyond base salaries of Morocco and wants to ensure that the best quality is guaranteed. Special attention is given to harvesting and the selection of argan kernels also called “znine”.

By using argan oil you do not only benefit yourself. You also help you improve the social status of the Berber women, help them caring for their family and encourage them to work to educate their children.

The biological produced argan oil we offer ensures high quality to consumers, in the purest Berber tradition, with respect for women and working conditions.

Cooperative Toudarte is member in the Targanine Group, in which six corporations participate. The argan oil produced by Cooperative Toudarte is used by several cosmetic brands that embrace Fair Trade, including BASF and L’Oréal, which is an official partner of the Targanine Group.

Central Meeting

The Toudarte cooperative is very important for the Akhsmou douar (small village) and the nearby douars. The production of argan oil brings new economic activities in this region where jobs are scarce. The cooperative has become the central meeting point for around a thousand people in 10 to 15 douars in the Imsouane region. the cooperative has a children’s play area, a nursery, a small shop and a mosque for women. The peasants use it as a market and large community celebrations such as weddings or Ramadan holidays take place in this place. The cooperative organizes guided tours and workshops for tourists staying in Imsouane or traveling from Agadir to Essaouira. The Toudarte cooperative plans to build an “inn” so that visitors can spend the night in the forest of the argan tree.


The main secrets laying behind the Argan Oil